Kong: King of the Apes Season 1 [Hindi-Eng] Dual Audio WEBRip 720p HD & 480p

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Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure
Running time: 22min
Network: Netflix
Language: Hindi
Quality: 720p HD | 480p NF WEBRip
Credits to: KatmovieHD

Synopsis: Kong is saved as a young ape by a young boy, Lucas. Lucas and his family raise kong but Lucas’ twin brother is jealous and tries to get rid of Kong.

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Episode 1: The Adventure Begins
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Brothers Lucas and Richard fight over technology vs nature and their fathers approval while the King of the Apes is caught in the middle.

Episode 2: Snake in the Grass
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When Anita’s twelve year old niece discovers a giant Anaconda near her home in Mexico, Richard decides to turn it into a bionic monster who has a new young team member to help him save the day.

Episode 3: Kong in 3D
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Richard creates a holographic Kong to frame the real Kong for crimes he and his Bionobot assistant Botila are perpetrating. It’s up to our heroes to figure out what is going on and then find a way to shut down the holo doppelgangers.

Episode 4: Poacher’s Prize
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Richard creates a trio of biono-clones from Lady, *the Liger’s DNA, and Kong and company must rescue the creatures before they’re sold as designer pets and living weapons. It doesn’t help that Kong’s new camouflage generator poops out at the worst possible moments.

Episode 5: King’s Ransom
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Amy’s car plunges off the Golden Gate Bridge, but our heroes suspect it was no accident– more like, Richard has abducted her. Kong, Lukas, Jonesy, Danny and Panchi fly off to rescue her and soon, despite false leads and traps set by Richard and Botila, they return to Kong Island, break into the lab, find Amy, and escape.

Episode 6: Little Bots Big Problems
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Under the pretense of caring for nature and continuing his father’s dream Richard recreates an African jungle (Diorama) on Kong Island, generously giving adorable toy monkeys to all the children. Our heroes will soon discover the toys’ true purpose is far from benevolent.

Episode 7: Botila-Zilla
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After Commissioner Decker fails to find Kong in the redwoods, Richard transfers the reluctant Botila’s consciousness into a T-Rex body to create the ultimate fighting (and deforestation) machine and lure the ape out. As Kong contends against Botila-Zilla, Richard and Lukas have a showdown at their old family home.

Episode 8: Bionic Arms Race
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When a rogue laser missile is intercepted and destroyed by one of Richard’s Pterodactyls, he convinces world leaders to buy his ‘Bionobotic Dino Defense Systems’ to replace their antiquated military systems. Once in place, Richard will take control and create his NEW WORLD ORDER.

Episode 9: Honey I Shrunk the Kong
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Richard creates a shrink ray and reduces Kong to the size of a mouse. The diminutive simian proves that he’s a hero at any size as he uses his wits and courage to escape Richard’s clutches and avoid the many “giant” perils of Kong Island.

Episode 10: Kong on Ice
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The Arctic ice caps are melting, thanks to Richard using his Bionobots to laser the ice in search of gold to finance his plans for a new world order. It’s up to Kong and company to try and stop him before the animals perish and the coastlines flood.

Episode 11: Takeover
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Botila has had enough and takes over, forcing Richard to beg Lukas for help. But is Richard’s new found affection for his brother and Kong real – or a deadly game?

Episode 12: Robosquitos
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Richard creates a Bionobotic mosquito to turn the police and Lukas into zombies, all programmed to destroy Kong. Our heroes must race to Africa to try and find the antidote before the effect becomes irreversible.

Episode 13: Missing
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Deep in a mountainous African jungle, Lukas and the kids hunt for the missing Kong, torn between wanting to find him and hoping their big beautiful friend discovers the family and roots he went searching for. Kong does find a small troop of apes, but so do Richard and company – along with a lot more than anyone bargained for, including a lost world of REAL dinosaurs.


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