Star Wars Forces of Destiny Hindi Episodes 720p HD

Genre: Animation | Adventure | Family
Creators: Dave Filoni, Carrie Beck, Jennifer Muro
Network: Disney Channel
Running time: 3min
Language: Hindi 
Quality: 720p HD

Synopsis: Maz Katana, along with Princess Leia, embarks on several adventures, while occasionally clashing with the stormtroopers.

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Episode 1: Sands of Jakku
Rey fends off a creature that wants to devour her new friend, BB-8.

Episode 2: BB-8 Bandits
Rey and BB-8 take off on a speeder to flee scavenger thugs who want to steal BB-8.

Episode 3: Ewok Escape
Leia and Wicket work together to help Ewoks escape from stormtroopers.

Episode 4: The Padawan Path
On her way to a Jedi ceremony, Ahsoka leaps into action to stop a malfunctioning droid.

Episode 5: Beasts of Echo Base
Leia and R2-D2 must free Chewie from the clutches of a ferocious wampa.

Episode 6: The Imposter Inside
Ahsoka helps Padmé fend off an assassin.

Episode 7: The Stranger
Jyn Erso comes to the aid of a little girl bullied by stormtroopers.

Episode 8: Bounty of Trouble
On a secret mission, Leia and Sabine come under attack by bounty hunter droid IG-88.

Episode 9: Newest Recruit
Sabine Wren brings her Mandalorian friend Ketsu Onyo into the Rebellion.

Episode 10: Tracker Trouble
On their way to see Maz Kanata, Han, Chewbacca, Rey and Finn deal with a tracker left on the Millennium Falcon by Unkar Plutt.

Episode 11: Teach You, I Will
After a training session with Anakin, Yoda teaches Ahsoka how to fight with two lightsabers.

Episode 12: The Starfighter Stunt
As Ashoka teaches Padmé to pilot a fighter, they are attacked by a droid starfighter.

Episode 13: Accidental Allies
Sabine Wren and Jyn Erso cross paths while fleeing from stormtroopers.

Episode 14: An Imperial Feast
After seeing that the Ewoks are hungry, Leia asks Han to barter for rations with Hera Syndulla.

Episode 15: The Happabore Hazard
Rey gets into trouble trying to earn new portions.

Episode 16: Crash Course [Final Episode]
Sabine allows Ketsu to borrow her speeder bike.

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