Star vs. the Forces of Evil Season 2 Hindi Episodes 720p HD

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Genre: Animation |  Adventure | Comedy
Creators: Daron Nefcy, David Wasson, Jordana Arkin
Network: Disney XD
Running time: 22min
Language: Hindi 
Quality: 720p HD | WEB-DL

Synopsis: Intergalactic warrior Star Butterfly arrives on Earth to live with the Diaz family. She continues to battle villains throughout the universe and high school, mainly to protect her extremely powerful wand, an object that still confuses her.

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Season 2

Episode 1: My New Wand!/Ludo in the Wild
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When Star Butterfly destroys her wand to save her best friend Marco Diaz, a new unicorn takes place of the dead one. Now Star only has half of the star on her wand and it has been cleaved. She needs all the pieces of the wand but the other half was lost in the explosion. Join Star and Marco in their new adventure ahead!

Episode 2: Mr. Candle Cares/Red Belt 
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Star rebels after the school guidance counselor insists her future is set in stone. Marco wants to get his life on track by finally earning his red belt in Karate.

Episode 3: Star on Wheels/Fetch 
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Star on wheels: Marco teaches star how to ride a bike and she don’t know how to stop. Fetch: star throws her wand,a dog won’t give her wand back.

Episode 4: Star vs. Echo Creek/Wand to Wand 
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Star goes on the run after accidentally crushing a police car. Star and Ludo struggle to get their new wands to work properly.

Episode 5: Starstruck/Camping Trip 
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Star’s biggest hero loses her mojo; King butterfly makes a surprise visit to Star during the Diaz family camping trip.

Episode 6: Starsitting/On the Job 
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Star and Marco discover they have conflicting babysitting styles; Buffrog has to complete an important mission.

Episode 7: Goblin Dogs/By the Book 
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Star and her friends want to get the best hot dogs in the Universe. Star and Marco want to convince Glossaryk to come out of a donut box.

Episode 8: Game of Flags/Girls’ Day Out 
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Star and Marco attend the annual Butterfly-Johansen family reunion. Star gets nominated for Mayor of Detention.

Episode 9: Sleepover/Gift of the Card 
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It’s Star’s slumber party and Ponyhead suggests they play a game she brought from Mewni. Marco has to use a gift card that Star gave to him before it expires.

Episode 10: Friendenemies/Is Mystery 
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Tom returns, but instead of vying for Star’s company – he vies for Marco’s! Buff Frog investigates what made the hole in the Mewman force field.

Episode 11: Hungry Larry/Spider with a Top Hat 
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Star and Marco want to help Mr. Diaz have the scariest Haunted House on the block. Star’s most entertaining spell wants to be a fighting spell instead.

Episode 12: Into the Wand/Pizza Thing 
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Star wants to fix whatever is wrong with her wand. Marco and Ponyhead go out for pizza.

Episode 13: Page Turner/Naysaya 

Star tries to resist the temptation of reading a forbidden chapter in her Book of Spells. Marco grows a second head that blurts out his darkest secrets and insecurities.

Episode 14: Bon Bon the Birthday Clown 
Star has second thoughts about attending a dead clown séance instead of a school dance with Marco.

Episode 15: Raid the Cave/Trickstar
Star wants to rescue Glossaryck and the Book of Spells from Ludo. Star sets out to prove that a party magician is a real magician.

Episode 16: Baby/Running with Scissors
Star needs to be prepared for an evaluation that will determine whether she can stay on Earth. Marco misuses Star’s dimensional scissors and gets himself into some trouble.

Episode 17: Mathmagic/The Bounce Lounge
Strange things happens when Star refuses to solve a math problem/Star and her friends try to open The Bounce Lounge again.

Episode 18: Crystal Clear/The Hard Way
Star comes to an understanding with an intemperate member of the Magic High Council. Ludo begins learning spells.

Episode 19: Heinous/All Belts Are Off

Mrs. Heinous has return and now seeks revenge on Marco / Marco tries to prove himself to Sensei that he is a better person than Jeremy on Karate.

Episode 20: Collateral Damage/Just Friends

Star must find her way to relive her schoolmates spirit after she accidentally broke the school mascot’s statue. Star, Marco, and Jackie attend a “Love Sentence” concert.

Episode 21: Face the Music

On Star’s Song Day, Star and Marco work with songstrel Ruberiot to create a new song for the event.

Episode 22: Starcrushed

To take her mind off her strained relationship with Marco, Star ditches the Diaz’s summer break party and joins her friends in a much more dangerous event.


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