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Genre: Animation | Comedy | Anime
Network: Hungama TV
Running time: 21min
Language: Hindi
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Synopsis: The show focuses on a bunch of animals embodying justice and hope, who always ready for adventure and funny situations.

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Episode 1: A Day with the Volunteers! / Selling Christmas Cakes! / My Christmas Gift!
A group of volunteers entertain the school children and put up an act on account of Christmas. / Ryuko, Ogin and Mary put up a stall to sell Christmas cakes. Shin-chan helps them in marketing the cakes. / Harry forgets Shin-chan’s Christmas gift. But he makes an effort to buy a Christmas gift for Shin-chan on Christmas Eve.

Episode 2: Saving a Lost Child! / The Baby Crawl Race! / Spying on Ishizaka!
Shin-chan takes the responsibility of uniting a lost child and his mother. Mitzi feels proud of Shin-chan. / Mitzi and Shin-chan decide to get Himawari into a baby crawl race for a reward of Rs 50,000. / Yoshinaga joins the Kasukabe Defence Force and spies on Ishizaka, her male friend, to know about his affairs.

Episode 3: Burdened with Housework! / It’s Too Cold to Go to School! / A Baby Car or a Ferrari?
As Mitzi gets a fever, Harry and Shin-chan take Nanako’s help in cooking. Mitzi gets angry as they praise Nanako’s food and assigns them more work. / Shin-chan and the other school children refuse to play due to the cold weather. Yoshinaga teaches them exercises to feel warm and catches a cold. / Mitzi services an old baby car for Himawari. But Shin-chan breaks down the baby car while playing.

Episode 4: I Want to be Loved, too! / My Business Trip with Mom!
Shin-chan feels hurt as Harry and Mitzi pay more attention towards Himawari. But Harry and Mitzi realise their mistake and express their love towards Shin-chan. / Shin-chan travels for a business trip with Mitzi and Kawaguchi. Shin-chan’s ideas fail, but Mitzi’s thoughts help her bag the project from the client.

Episode 5: Dad Gives Himawari a Bath! / A Day with Miss Marilyn! / Here I Come Himawari!
Harry, unwillingly, gives Himawari a bath. Next day, Mitzi emotionally blackmails Harry to give Shin-chan and Himawari a bath. / A sales executive named Marilyn Mayoshi visits Shin-chan’s school for her magazine evaluation and spends time with the children. / Shin-chan refuses to go to school assuming Himawari is sick. He wreaks havoc by running around in the school.

Episode 6: A Day at the Gaming Center! / Dad is Suffering from a Back Pain! / A Duplicate of Matsuzaka!
Shin-chan and his family play the shooting game and claw crane game at a gaming centre. Matsuzaka tries her luck in the arm wrestling game. / Harry takes his family to a resort apartment, where he injures his back while locking the tyre of the car. / Matsuzaka and Shin-chan take skiing lessons from an instructor at the skiing resort. Shin-chan ruins Matsuzaka’s efforts to impress the instructor.

Episode 7: Something is Fishy! / Assistant Manager Plays Golf! / Matsuzaka’s Gift for a Special Person!
Mitzi brings chocolates to surprise Harry on Valentine’s Day. But Shin-chan and Himawari disturb Harry and Mitzi’s moment together. / Shin-chan and Kazama play golf as the assistant manager and manager. / Matsuzaka prepares chocolates for a special person on account of Valentine’s Day. But she expresses her love to the principal.

Episode 8: Buying Dolls for Himawari! / Will the Kitten Find a Home? / Going to School During a Snowstorm!
A sales executive blackmails Mitzi to buy dolls on the occasion of the Doll’s Day. / Marilyn visits the school with a stray cat. She forcefully hands over the cat’s responsibility to Matsuzaka. / As Shin-chan misses his school bus, Mitzi takes Shin-chan on the cycle.

Episode 9: You Can’t Escape Me! / A Train Trip with Mom and Himawari!/ I’m Lost with Himawari!
Harry requests Mitzi to deliver his important documents to his office. / Mitzi boards the train with Shin-chan and Himawari. In the course of getting her bag back from the train, she gets separated from her children. / Shin-chan and Himawari get separated from Mitzi. Shin-chan favours the chairman of Harry’s company and saves Harry’s job.

Episode 10: Has Himawari been Kidnapped? / We’re Looking for Marilyn! / Are Principal’s Spectacles Magical?
Mitzi and Shin-chan do not find Himawari in the house and assume she has been kidnapped. / Matsuzaka’s cat Marilyn goes away from the house and hides in a pipe. Matsuzaka gets worried for her and brings her back home. / Masao wears the principal’s glasses and displays strength and confidence.

Episode 11: New Clothes for Himawari! / Marilyn Has a New Friend! / Sleepless Nights with Himawari!
Mitzi gets excited with the children’s clothes and brings a bag full of new and expensive clothes without letting Harry know about it. / Matsuzaka gets a marriage proposal for her cat Marilyn. / Himawari disturbs Mitzi and Harry’s sleep. 

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