Shinchan Season 1 480p WEBRip Hindi Dub

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Genre: Animation | Comedy | Anime
Network: Hungama TV
Running time: 21min
Language: Hindi
Quality: 480p | Amazon WEBRip

Synopsis: The show focuses on a bunch of animals embodying justice and hope, who always ready for adventure and funny situations.

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Episode 1: Going Shopping
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Shin-chan goes shopping but goofs up. So Mitzy rushes. Harry returns and eats food with Shin-chan without waiting for Mitzy. Shin-chan acts lazy to wake up and go to school because of which, he misses his bus all the time. Mitzy gets angry on him.Shin-chan and his friends learn drawing in school. Shin-chan finds faults in others, but fails in it himself. His teacher helps him draw a plane.

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