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[480p | Hindi Dub DD 2.0]

Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy
Creators: Haim Saban, Toei Company
Network: Jetix
Running time: 21min
Language: Hindi DD 2.0 [Original]
Quality: 480p

Synopsis: Power-Packed Adventure! Action-Packed Fun! A time in the future. The space colony Terra Venture journeys beyond Earth in search of new worlds. Peace reigns throughout the cosmos…or does it? Far away, in a strange galaxy, the evil Scorpius attacks an innocent planet. Five courageous teens from Terra Venture rush to defend it and discover they’ve been “chosen” to be protectors of the universe. An all-new team of POWER RANGERS is born! Do they have what it takes? Can they defeat Scorpius even with the help of their mighty Galactazords? Take a quantum leap into the future as POWER RANGERS LOST GALAXY blasts you beyond time and space! 

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Episode 1: Quasar Quest, Part I
An adventurous young man embarks on an epic adventure in space when he sneaks aboard the massive space colony Terra Venture.

Episode 2: Quasar Quest, Part II
As five heroes unite to protect planet Mirinoi from the villain Furio, the Galaxy Rangers are born.

Episode 3: Race to the Rescue
The Rangers befriend the Galactabeasts – five enormous animals that help them defend Terra Venture from the forces of the evil Scorpius.

Episode 4: Rookie in Red
Leo accepts responsibility as the newest member of the GSA (Galactic Space Alliance) when he forgets to properly lock a weapon storage room on Terra Venture.

Episode 5: Homesick
A homesick boy who misses Earth helps the Rangers during Furio’s sleeping gas attack on Terra Venture.

Episode 6: The Lights of Orion
The shape-changing monster Mutantrum poses as Mike to lure Leo to the legendary Lights of Orion.

Episode 7: Double Duty
Battling the Wisewizard, Kendrix meets an actress on a movie set who looks exactly like her.

Episode 8: The Blue Crush
Kai is smitten by a pretty girl but has little time for romance as the monster Quakemaker attacks Terra Venture with earthquakes.

Episode 9: The Magna Defender
The heroic Magna Defender renews his feud with Scorpius’ new general, Treacheron.

Episode 10: The Sunflower Search 
Seeking vengeance for his slain son, the Magna Defender battles the Fish Face monster on Terra Venture.

Episode 11: Silent Sleep  
Leo and the Magna Defender are forced to work together when the Chillyfish monster freezes the people of Terra Venture.

Episode 12: Orion Rising 
Kendrix and Maya work to escape from a force field created by the monster Destruxo before he can find the Lights of Orion.

Episode 13: Orion Returns 
It’s a three-way race between the Power Rangers, the Magna Defender, and Destruxo as the Lights of Orion return.

Episode 14: Shark Attack 
Both Treacheron and the Magna Defender hunt Trakeena for revenge while the Power Rangers find themselves outmatched in battle without Leo (recovering from injuries).

Episode 15: Redemption Day 
The Magna Defender struggles to overcome his loss of values while facing (causing) Terra Venture’s immanent doom.

Episode 16: Destined for Greatness 
Mike’s return stirs up mixed emotions in Leo, who feels obligated to return his Quasar Saber to its rightful heir.

Episode 17: Stolen Beauty 
Trakeena worries about losing her beauty when her father Scorpius wants her to become a full insect like him.

Episode 18: The Rescue Mission
Commander Stanton sends a boarding party to investigate a derelict spaceship with a dangerous secret.

Episode 19: The Lost Galactabeasts, Part I 
Newly arrived Deviot, in application to be Scorpius’ second in command, forces Kai and Damon into a fight to the death against each other.

Episode 20: The Lost Galactabeasts, Part II 
The Rangers struggle to free the lost Galactabeasts from Deviot’s control.

Episode 21: Heir to the Throne 
While Trakeena makes new allies at an alien frontier saloon, Deviot plots against Scorpius.

Episode 22: An Evil Game 
Seeking vengeance, Trakeena has Leo captured while Deviot plots against her.

Episode 23: Memories of Mirinoi 
Shondra, Maya’s best friend from her home world, arrives on Terra Venture, but Kendrix suspects Shondra may not be who she claims.

Episode 24: Green Courage 
Trakeena blackmails Terra Venture into sending their best engineer to repair the Scorpion Stinger’s engines.

Episode 25: Blue to the Test 
Kai suspects Commander Stanton is under mind control when he orders Terra Venture steered into the course of a nearby star.

Episode 26: Mean Wheels Mantis 
Leo, Damon and Kai race the Motor Mantis monster on motorcycles. The prize: Kendrix and Maya.

Episode 27: Loyax’ Last Battle 
Deviot sends the honorable warrior Loyax to destroy the Rangers, but when he meets Maya she questions the honor in his ways.

Episode 28: A Red Romance 
Leo struggles to earn the approval of the brother of the girl he wants to date while trying to save her from Trakeena’s latest monster.

Episode 29: The Chameliac Warrior 
The Rangers fight the Chameliac Warrior, unaware of danger to their Galactabeasts.

Episode 30: To the Tenth Power 
Summoning up the five Psycho Rangers to pit against the five Galaxy Rangers brings forth the five Space Rangers to help bring them down.

Episode 31: The Power of Pink
The Galaxy Book points the way for Psycho Pink to get the Savage Sword from planet Rashon, with Cassie and Kendrix in close pink pursuit.

Episode 32: Protect the Quasar Saber
Karone, f.k.a. Astronema, seeks redemption by helping the Galaxy Rangers retrieve the lost Pink Quasar Saber from an alien outlaw auction.

Episode 33: Facing the Past
In order to save the Rangers from a monster absorbing their powers, Karone addresses an old wrong she once perpetrated as Astronema.

Episode 34: Turn Up the Volume
Damon competes against an unscrupulous rival for the position of head mechanic on Terra Venture.

Episode 35: Enter the Lost Galaxy
The Terra Venture discovers the fabled Lost Galaxy.

Episode 36: Beware the Mutiny
The Rangers are welcomed to the Lost Galaxy by a scheming space pirate named Captain Mutiny.

Episode 37: Grunchor on the Loose
The Rangers battle the enormous Grunchor monster that has burrowed inside Terra Venture.

Episode 38: Until Sunset
Captured by Deviot, Leo and Damon reminisce over their adventures up until now.

Episode 39: Dream Battle
Captain Mutiny’s sorceress, Hexuba, uses her magic to cause the Power Rangers to fall into a deep restless sleep.

Episode 40: Hexuba’s Graveyard
Hexuba uses her magic to resurrect defeated monsters to battle the Power Rangers.

Episode 41: Raise the Titanisaur
Captain Mutiny unleashes the gargantuan Titanisaur on Terra Venture, the greatest threat the Rangers have faced yet.

Episode 42: Escape the Lost Galaxy
Mike sacrifices to help Terra Venture escape the Lost Galaxy.

Episode 43: Journey’s End – Part 1
Terra Venture discovers a lush green planet to colonize as Trakeena merges with Deviot to become stronger and more terrible than ever.

Episode 44: Journey’s End – Part 2
The Rangers work to evacuate the crew of Terra Venture as Trakeena launches her final assault.

Episode 45: Journey’s End – Part 3 [Last Episode]
Trapped on a desolate moon in the ruins of Terra Venture, Leo faces Trakeena all alone.

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