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Power Rangers Dino Fury Season 2 Episodes [Hindi DD5.1-English 5.1] Dual Audio 480p, 720p & 1080p HD WEB-DL | 10bit HEVC ESub


[Season 29 | Hindi DD5.1 – English 5.1 | WEB-DL | ESub]

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy
Network: Nickelodeon/Netflix
Org. run: TV Series (2021–2022)
Running time: 23min
Language: English 5.1 – Hindi DD5.1 [Original]
Episodes: 22 [Ongoing]
Subtitle: English [Softcoded]
Quality: 1080p FHD | 720p HD | 480p NF WEB-DL
Credits: Saon [Thanks]

Synopsis: When an army of powerful alien beings is unleashed on Earth threatening life as we know it, a brand-new team of Power Rangers, fueled by the prehistoric power of the dinosaurs, are recruited to deal with the threat.


||Download Power Rangers Dino Fury (Season 29) Episodes in Hindi Dual Audio||


Episode 01: Numero Uno
Episode 02: The Festival
Episode 03: Missing Pieces
Episode 04: Tiny Trouble
Episode 05: Stitched Up
Episode 06: Jam Session
Episode 07: New Leaf
Episode 08: Serious Business
Episode 09: The Hunt
Episode 10: Losers Weepers
Episode 11: The Copycat


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  • When you upload power ranger dino fury season 2 all episodes? Any date?please add fast i am very exicted

  • bro plz fix takez.co showing that vpn detected turn off but i did no connect a vpn plzzzzz fix this or fix cloud stream

  • Hi there, first of, thank you so much for this website, forever greatful to you guys for uploading these power rangers series in high quality. By the way just a heads up, there is a youtube channel called scg power rangers, they have beast morphers season 2 both in English and Hindi. But they have combined two episodes in one file for all seasons. I was thinking maybe you could download from their website and off course you all have great skills separate the episodes and upload onto your channel before it’s too late or better yet if you have high quality files, just take their hindi audio. I know you can do it and if possible could you please guide me to where i can get ninja steel in AVC Codec. Pleasant evening, continue the good work. Namaste, typing from Kenya, big fan.

    • That’s not some official channel, that kid just copied Beast Morphers audio from my site and muxed it with 1080p video, and added there. And he won’t have season 2 cause it’s not aired yet. Wait for it’s tv telecast, i will add once it airs on TV.
      And x264 codec not possible for 1080p, nowadays we only add 1080p HEVC, cause it gives better quality in the same size of AVC encode.

      • Oooh…..so he stole your audio..wow. Ok i’ll just wait for your upload mate. By the way, do you happen to have super ninja steel, beast morphers sn2 in high quality not necessarily dual audio. If so could you help me to the website. I just want my power rangers gallery complete regardless of audio.

  • Admin sir wild force ke hindi ep upload kijiye, aapne eng remastered version upload kar ke bohot time ho gaya hai…
    It’s humble request sir agar read karo to reply kariye…

    • I have requested the same thing several times but admin just ignores it! 😑 PR shows are the best uploads on this site that’s why I love this site! Admin should upload more PR seasons! Especially wild force and rpm in hindi because they are in english! I know that he’s not gonna reply this comment!

  • Admin isko otherwise mat Lena please…just as a reminder…..Mai abhi bhii wait krra hun beyblade g1 ka ….😅….

    • I have two hands, one brain and a single body, so i am trying my best to do whatever i am capable of.
      It would be better if you don’t wait, then maybe you will get a surprise one day, cause it’s not coming anytime sooner, so sorry for that.

      • What if I can sync audios for you?……well sorry cause I am fighting between the entrance exams of colleges right now …..once everything is settled (hope so after a long time)…..I can go on and sync every recording …..if you give opportunity

        • Doing perfect sync is not easy, & i myself not doing because of too many pending shows but it’s already given to the person who is also an expert. So it will be added once it’s done, we have more then one shows to handle, so kindly don’t wait for it. Will be added when time comes. Best of luck for your exams.

          • Bro….I did perfect sync for almost more than 100 episodes of animes syncing orginal dubs to prime raws….participated in creating soundtrack for fan dubs…. just for the sake of learning and personal use ….and did a lot of video editing too…..yea it wasn’t easy initially but probably it became easy time to time…..well I won’t wait now …..and really Great to hear good luck by your side…..I am working hard for exams …. probably you too working hard for your tasks , I can understand……..for the time , bye admin

  • hi sir, thank you for this season,
    would you please upload Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2