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Miss Kuroitsu from the Monster Development Department Season 1 Multi Audio [Hindi-English-Japanese] 480p, 720p & 1080p HD WEB-DL | 10bit HEVC ESub

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[1080p | 720p | 480p | Hindi – English – Japanese | WEB-DL | ESub]

Genre: Animation | Comedy | Fantasy
Org. run: TV Series (2022–)
Running time: 23min
Language: Japanese 2.0 – English 2.0 – Hindi 2.0 [Org. CR WEB Audio]
Episodes: 12
Subtitle: English [Softcoded]
Quality: 1080p FHD | 720p HD | 480p CR WEB-DL

Synopsis: Kuroitsu is an assistant researcher in the research and development department of Agastya; a villainous secret organization that battles with heroes who try to save the world.


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Episode 01: She Cried Inside When the Monster to Strike Fear into the Hearts of Men Was Born into the Evil Secret Society Plotting World Domination
Episode 02: The Legendary Emissary from Hell Who Constantly Hears the Screams of the Evil Souls Supping from the Kettle of Darkness Spreads Fear in His Wake as He Awakens
Episode 03: The Monster in a Perpetual Cycle of Death and Rebirth Struggles to Break Its Chains until Seduced by a Soul Entrapped by Destiny
Episode 04: The Soul of a Demon Drinking into a Stupor at a Banquet of Illusions While Burdened by Sins that Lead All Men Astray Shatters with Anger When the Young Maiden Cries
Episode 05: Saved by a Smile from the Deadly Price Typically Extracted through Deals with Monsters That Dwell in the Deep like a True Ring of Solomon
Episode 06: An Unsophisticated Soul Tormented by Powers Unseen Succumbs to Brimming Anger and Yearning to Manifest as a Malevolent Beast
Episode 07: The Result of Passions Served up at a Monsters' Banquet Engulfed in a Sweet-Smelling Embrace of Honeyed Poison While Drowning in Sin with an Avatar of God
Episode 08: The Sheer Malevolence of the Denizens that Dwell in the Castle of the Dead Seeds Mutual Fear and Hostility Among Their Wicked Rank
Episode 09: The Rotting but Heroic Figures of Ancient Souls of the Dead that Congregate in the Abyss Find a Ray of Hope in the Darkness from Pride Pulled from Another Time
Episode 10: The Very Concept of the Evil Being that Bewitches Souls Summons New Demons through the Chaos it Brings when it Drowns in Turmoil Over its Puzzling Existence
Episode 11: The Sacrifice Willingly Attending the Banquet of Evil Gods Must Either Be Eaten and Accept Their Role as Sacrifice or Devour the Evil Gods and So Become One
Episode 12: Those Sacrifices Saved from Hell by a Black-Winged Devil That Devours Other Devils Will Revere It as God Regardless of Whether Its Act Makes It a Servant of Heaven or Merely a Savage Cannibal

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