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Genre: Animation
Running time: 11min
Language: Hindi
Quality: 720p HD | 480p WEBRip

Synopsis: This exciting season is all geared up for the adventures of Hiro, who is the last descendant to practice the Kuji magic and is trained by the legendary Ninja master on the Ninja mountain. Watch Hiro fight all the evil Samurais lined up against him with his friend and partner Futo, who helps him live a double life; one of normal existence, and the other of unparalleled heroism.

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Episode 1: Unique
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Ashida plots to locate the secret camp of the invincible Samurai, Dobutsu Sama, in order to capture him. As planned, Hiro gets captured within a magical mirror while his evil reflection gets released fooling Futo and Suzumi leading him to their secret camp. Will Ashida prevail successfully in his plot or will the Mini Ninjas save Hiro from the evil?

Episode 2: Fugusashi blossom

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Shoko plans to wipe out Master Ninja’s Kujo magic by spreading a special pollen scattered by clouds and to capture the Mini Ninjas. The antidote to this Yakuzo pollen is a rare violet flower, Fugusashi blossom. The Ninjas must climb mount Tempora to obtain the antidote and return back with the same before nightfall, to prevent the loss of Master Ninja’s magic.

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