Marvel's Spider-Man (2017) Season 1 Hindi Episodes 720p HD

Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure
Network: Disney XD
Running time: 21min
Language: Hindi
Quality: 720p HD

Synopsis: An insecure but courageous and intelligent teen named Peter Parker, a new student of Midtown High, is bitten by a radioactive spider and given powers. He becomes a hero named Spider-Man after the death of his uncle and he must adapt to this new way of life.

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Origin Shorts

Origin 1: Introduction!
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Peter Parker and Harry Osborn attend a field trip at Oscorp overseen by his teacher Spencer Smythe. At the end of the short, Peter is bitten by a genetically-modified spider.

Origin 2: Observation!
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After suffering some side effects from his spider bite, Peter Parker decides to use the scientific method to figure out what is happening to him.

Origin 3: Hypothesis!
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Peter Parker hypothesizes that his body is developing super powers and begins testing them out.

Origin 4: Prediction!
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Peter Parker predicts that his new abilities could bring him fame and fortune and begins to seek out a way to make a name for himself.

Origin 5: Experimentation!
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The new and improved Peter Parker makes his official debut by entering a wrestling competition where he goes up against a wrestler named Bonesaw McGee.

Origin 6: Conclusion!
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When his quest for fame results in personal tragedy where his Uncle Ben is killed by a burglar that he didn’t want to stop, Peter Parker learns that with great power comes great responsibility.


Episode 1: Horizon High – Part One
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Peter starts Horizon High, a school for geniuses, the day that his best friend, Harry Osbourne, is suspended. Peter’s debut as Spider-Man pits him against the Vulture.

Episode 2: Horizon High – Part Two
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The Scorpion is wreaking havoc at the museum and it is up to Spider-Man to stop him.

Episode 3: Osborn Academy
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Norman Osbourn creates the Osborn Academy to save his son, Harry, from embarrassment after being suspended from Horizon High.

Episode 4: A Day in the Life
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Black Cat has gone on a crime spree and it’s up to Spider-Man to halt it but he also needs to keep up his school obligations.

Episode 5: Party Animals
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Horizon High throws a dance party for Harry after exonerating him of any wrongdoing. Normal tries to convince Harry to stay at Osborn Academy.

Episode 6: Sandman
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Spider-man meets the Sandman and helps reunite him with his daughter with an assist from the symbiote

Episode 7: Symbiotic Relationship
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Spider-man has a new black suit made out of V-252 but not all is as it seems.

Episode 8: Stark Expo
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After the terror of the symbiote, Spidey is off to the Stark Expo in his old costume. When Ghost hijacks the event, Spidey’s only chance to save lives is to unleash the symbiote.

Episode 9: Ultimate Spider-Man
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When Miles Morales is bitten by an experimental spider and gains spider powers, Spider-Man must teach him the responsibilities of being a superhero.

Episode 10: Kraven’s Amazing Hunt
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Spider-man and Miles become entangled in a reality TV show, Kraven’s Amazing Hunt.

Episode 11: Halloween Moon
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It’s Halloween night and Spider-Man must team up with the Hulk to keep a Man-Wolf from infecting all of Manhattan.

Episode 12: Spider-Man on Ice
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When a low level villain acquires some impressive freezing technology, it’s up to Spider-Man to stop him.

Episode 13: Venom
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After the symbiote escapes Avengers Compound, Spider-Man must find a way to stop it and discover the identity of the new host.

Episode 14: Screwball Live
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Screwball pranks Spider-Man. After she is captured by the Absorbing Man and Hammerhead, Spider-Man has to decide whether to help her.

Episode 15: The Rise of Doc Ock – Part One
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After an explosion fuses his robot arms to his body, Spider-Man sees an opportunity to recruit Otto Octavius into being a super-hero.

Episode 16: The Rise of Doc Ock – Part Two
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Spidey and Miles welcomes The Octopus into the superhero club and patrol the streets with him. It quickly becomes apparent that The Octopus isn’t a team player.

Episode 17: The Rise of Doc Ock – Part Three
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Peter goes to Oz Academy with Harry hoping to prove that Norman is out to destroy Spider-Man. The day is ruined when The Jackal invades with an army of Rhinos.

Episode 18: The Rise of Doc Ock – Part Four
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Spider-Man teams up with Gwen and and a reluctant Harry to investigate the missing Raymond Warren, aka The Jackal.

Episode 19: Spider Island – Part One 
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When Spider-Man’s new stealth suit is stolen, it is up to Miles and Spider-Man to recover it. They get help from an unexpected ally.

Episode 20: Spider Island – Part Two 
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The spider-virus infects virtually all New Yorkers. Gwen and Spider-Man must help Black Widow track down Crossbones before he can deliver vibranium to Hydra.

Episode 21: Spider Island – Part Three
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After Gwen and Norman Osborn turn into spider monsters, Peter must find a way to cure the virus. Things get more complicated when Kraven the Hunter turns New York into his hunting grounds.

Episode 22: Spider Island – Part Four 
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Peter and Harry must battle through an island of Spider-Monsters to get to Norman Osborn, who, appears to be controlling them all. The boys discover who the real mastermind is!

Episode 23: Spider Island – Part Five 
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It takes a last ditch, desperate effort for Spider-Man, Kid Arachnic, Anya and Harry to save Manhattan from the spider-monsters that the Jackal has created.

Episode 24: The Hobgoblin – Part One
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Doc Octopus and his Sister Five attempt to destroy New York City and brainwash Spider-Man. It’s up to Harry to save the day.

Episode 25: The Hobgoblin – Part Two
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Spider-Man must find a way to stop Hobgoblin – who is completely bent on destroying Spider-Man, whatever it takes.


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