Hotel Transylvania: The Series Hindi Episodes 720p HD

Genre: Animation | Comedy | Family
Creators: Mark Steinberg
Network: Disney Channel
Running time: 21min
Language: Hindi 
Quality: 720p HD

Synopsis: Mavis and her friends make some exciting changes to her father’s hotel while he is away for a business trip. But her stoic aunt aims to ruin her niece’s fun.

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Episode 1: Enter the Nosepicker/Hide and Shriek
Right before a visit from an influential hotel reviewer, Mavis lures an unwanted guest into the hotel. Mavis finds her childhood doll, Demented Debbie, who continues to be her best friend forever.

Episode 2: Bad Friday/Hoop Screams
The kids try to win a Screamie during the celebration of Bad Friday. Mavis gives Hank the gift of basketball.

Episode 3: Buggin’ Out/How Do You Solve a Problem Like Medusa
While cleaning the hotel, Mavis mistakes truth bugs for bed bugs. Mavis invites Lydia’s high school rival to the hotel.

Episode 4: Adventures in Vampiresitting/Phlegm Ball
The kids get trapped in a human’s house. Mavis’s cousin challenges her to a game of phlegm ball.

Episode 5: Wendy Big and Tall/Doppelfanger
Mavis accidentally turns Wendy into a giant blobby version of herself. Jett Black, Mavi’s teenage crush, visits the hotel.

Episode 6: Great Eggspectations/Hotel Pennsylvania
Mavis wants to prove she can care for a living creature by rescuing a bad egg. The kids try to watch the last episode of their favorite show, Hotel Pennsylvania.

Episode 7: Breakfast at Lydia’s/The Trouble with Wendys
As employee of the month, Mavis wins breakfast with Lydia. Dr. Gillman saves Wendy’s ponytail.

Episode 8: Frankenstunt/What About Blob 
In order to film a new feature, Hank pretends to be his dad. Mavis and Wendy act as matchmakers by setting up Lydia with Bob Blob.

Episode 9: Curse Club/Casket If You Can 
Pedro tries to cast a curse. Mavis loses Aunt Lydia’s casket with her inside.

Episode 10: A Scare to Remember/Hank and the Real Boy 
The hotel hosts Lydia’s favorite author but the kids cleaned the room so fast they accidentally got rid of a ghost writer. Hank wants to be all one piece and not stitched together.

After becoming the official hotel mummy, Pedro loses his wraps. Klaus serves a cold dish of revenge to Mavis.

Aunt Lydia is inadvertantly turned into a teenager. Pedro’s Mom comes to the Hotel to visit.

Mavis and her friends learn the true meaning of Halloween.

Mavis throws a birthday party for Diane, but loses the guest of honor. Hotel Transylvania becomes infested with garlic!

Episode 15 & 16 Will Be Uploaded When Re-air.

Cousin Klaus comes to Mavis looking for help with a terrible secret. Dr. Gillman is discovered to be a fraud.

Mavis meets Krampus and begs him to fix a 1,000-year-old mistake so Aunt Lydia will allow everyone else to enjoy a family Creepmas.

The Sandman casts a spell on the hotel. Mavis and Uncle Gene go on a road trip for the very last time.

Wendy wants to join the hotel’s aerial security team. Mavis tries to make Quasimodo nice.

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