Dragon Ball Super India Announcement

**A Small Request To All Anime Fans**

Cartoon Network India Announced Release Date of Dragon Ball Super on CN SD Channel, It’s Coming From 22nd May 2022 on Sundays 9 AM Onwards.
So we request everyone to watch it on TV and support CN India because It could be your last chance to bring Hindi dubbed anime in India. So give as much TRP possible.
It’s coming finally after so many peoples hard work, so don’t let it go to waste and if you are wondering that why an Admin from pirated site saying this? Because i am also anime fan like you.
And those people who can’t watch it on TV and only depends on websites, you will also get it don’t worry. But not immediately, we will post after a week or maybe month.
There might be other sites will try to upload this show for money or whatever reason. So try to avoid them.
First watch on TV, if you’ll miss it then it will be re-telecasted, watch the rerun and after that for your HD collection you can go to any site.
So I said, whatever i wanted to say, rest is up to you. Chahe to Anime le Aayo, ya fir saari mehnat duba do.

**सभी एनीमे प्रशंसकों से एक छोटा सा अनुरोध**

कार्टून नेटवर्क इंडिया ने सीएन एसडी चैनल पर ड्रैगन बॉल सुपर की रिलीज की तारीख की घोषणा की, यह 22 मई 2022 से रविवार सुबह 9 बजे से आ रहा है।
इसलिए हम सभी से अनुरोध करते हैं कि इसे टीवी पर देखें और सीएन इंडिया का समर्थन करें क्योंकि यह आपके लिए भारत में हिंदी डब एनीमे लाने का आखिरी मौका हो सकता है। इसलिए ज्यादा से ज्यादा टीआरपी दें।
इतने सारे लोगों की मेहनत के बाद आखिरकार यह आ रहा है, तो इसे व्यर्थ न जाने दें और अगर आप सोच रहे हैं कि एक पायरेटेड साइट का एडमिन ऐसा क्यों कह रहा है? क्योंकि मैं भी आपकी तरह एनीमे का फैन हूं।
और जो लोग इसे टीवी पर नहीं देख सकते हैं और केवल वेबसाइटों पर निर्भर हैं, आपको भी यह मिलेगा, चिंता न करें। लेकिन तुरंत नहीं, हम एक हफ्ते या शायद महीने के बाद पोस्ट करेंगे।
हो सकता है कि अन्य साइटें पैसे के लिए या किसी भी कारण से इस शो को अपलोड करने का प्रयास करें। इसलिए इनसे बचने की कोशिश करें।
पहले टीवी पर देखें, अगर आप नहीं देख पाए तो इसे फिर से प्रसारित किया जाएगा, फिर से देखें और उसके बाद अपने एचडी संग्रह के लिए आप किसी भी साइट पर जा सकते हैं।
तो मैंने वही कहा, जो मैं कहना चाहता था, बाकी सब अब आप पर निर्भर है। चाहो तो एनीमे ले आओ, या फिर सारी महनत डूबा दो।


Dragon Ball Super (sometimes abbreviated as DBS) is a Japanese manga series written by Akira Toriyama and illustrated by Toyotarou. A sequel to Toriyama’s original Dragon Ball manga, it follows the adventures of Goku and friends during the ten-year timeskip after the defeat of Majin Buu. It began serialization in Shueisha’s shōnen manga magazine V Jump in June 2015. The manga is published in English by Viz Media and simulpublished by Shueisha on their Manga Plus platform.

A 131-episode anime television series adaptation produced by Toei Animation aired in Japan from July 2015 to March 2018. A sequel film, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, was released in December 2018 and became the highest-grossing anime film of the franchise.

||How Anime is coming Back to India after a Decade ft. @Ankur Javeri [Official Hindi Voice of Goku]||

Watch The Video to Know More About All The Hard Work Behind Bringing Dragon Ball Super In Hindi


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  • Bhai CN ne abhi dragon ball super k 1st arc k episodes air Karna stop kar diya h or wo abhi new episodes air karny waly hy to app please 1st arc k episodes website per upload kar do iss Sy TRP nahi giry gi

      • Please upload it I can’t watch because I am from pakistan and dragon ball is my favourite anime please upload it this is request please please please🥺🥺😭

  • Toonworld4all please upload only first 2 episodes of Dragon ball super please it have aired twice now on CN please upload only first 2 episodes !!!

  • bro plz upload dragon ball super episode jispe tv nhi hai woh kaise dekhega aur log bolte hai jio tv pe dekhlo lekin jio tv mein bas live aata hai aur jab dbs aata hai tab mera tution hota hai aur jab subah 10:30 pe phir se aata hai tab mein school mein hota hun

  • Guys. I can upload Dragon Ball Super in Hindi in my website. But is it will be bad for CN ……
    Because, if I upload it on my website, some people won’t see this on tv channel. They will just follow me on my website..
    Please, give me a suggestion..

    • Do not upload it on website, wait for it to be completely telecasted on TV First. Let CN get TRP and profit which they deserve.

        • Do not upload DBS hindi episode yet on your website just record it for now and upload it after when CN complete telecasting it. because i also want DBS in hindi in my Collection. but i want Anime in india too so get CN highest TRP guys.

  • Please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Everyone keep supporting Anime

  • Dragon ball super 22may se sunday 9am ko aur weekdays ko 10.30am and 7.30pm ko laga ga hindi me on cartoon network indian

  • Hi Bro,
    Your message has really motivated me. I promise you i will watch the episodes on tv and will encourage others also to do the same. So many people including voice dubbing artists and cartoon networking india members are working so hard for dragon ball super and its our responsibility to support them. I wish OTHERS also develop a mindset like you. Once again thank you so much for the above message bro.

    Ankur sir tried for 2 years to get dragon ball super. Anime youtubers were trying from so many years to get dragon ball super in hindi, we all were waiting to get dragon ball super since its japanese release. Now we are getting release. so its time to support it as much as we can. Its now or never guys…….


  • Please upload episode after one day of telecast in TV because we don’t have cartoon network India channel available in our country big request Toonworld4all !!!!

    • Sorry, but it will be added only after it’s completed on tv. This is a big thing, so full support to CN India.

      • Nice bro, For this I will try my best to watch dragon ball super
        I didn’t know a single thing this franchise but then also I will watch
        And give full support to CNi
        And yesterday I said to my father for subscription of the cartoon channels he agrees and now I can watch anime on CN
        Because of Ankur Javeri sir this Anime is coming back in India after a long time
        Bhai big fan please reply