Cinderella Monogatari (The Story of Cinderella) Hindi Episodes

[480p | Just Kids – Sahara TV Dub | Hindi]

Ratings: 7.5/10
Original Title: シンデレラ物語 Shinderera Monogatari
English Title: The Story of Cinderella
Genre: Animation | Adventure | Drama
Directed by: Hiroshi Sasagawa
Release Date: TV Series (1996)
Network: Sahara TV (Just Kids)
Running time: 24 min
Language: Hindi
Quality: 480p

Synopsis: Young Cinderella, struggling with abuse from her stepmother and stepsisters, receives help from her fairy godmother and animal friends while finding adventure and romance with a dashing man who hides the fact that he is a prince.

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Episode 1: I Want to Become a Splendid Young Lady
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Cinderella’s father departs on a long business trip, leaving his daughter in care of her stepmother and stepsisters. With her father gone, her step-family shows their true feelings for her.

Episode 2: The Flowers From my Dream
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Jeanne and Catherine decide to become participants in the Flower Queen contest.

Episode 3: The Mysterious Boy
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Cinderella and her two stepsisters go shopping in the city, and while she waits outside the shops, she once again runs into the young man she had met the day before.

Episode 4: The Horse
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Cinderella must find the prince’s page so she can bring him home to be questioned by her step-family. 

Episode 5: A Dream Meeting
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Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters picnic in the same area the prince is hunting. 

Episode 6: Mystery of the Vineyard
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When Cinderella’s stepmother jealously sends Cinderella to the royal vineyard to pick grapes (a punishable offense) because Cinderella can dance better than both Jeanne and Catherine, the unknown thief of the royal vineyard turns out to be Charles, dressed as a page.

Episode 7: False Fortuneteller 
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People became crazy for the new fortune teller, one old man who appeared in city. 

Episode 8: The Magic of a Smile 
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A circus is being set up at the castle. Cinderella meets a talented girl called Mary, but Mary has stage fright. Cinderella takes Charles to where Mary is practicing and tells her to pretend he’s Prince Charles, if she can perform in front of him then she will get over her stage fright.

Episode 9: There’s Something Strange About That Boy 
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Cinderella is told to go pick some roses in the forest. Prince Charles learns that two of his teachers have been replaced because they were sick and old; Alex then finds out that their tutor was fired.

Episode 10: Sad Violinist 
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When Duke Zaral’s daughter hosts a ball, Prince Charles will do just about anything to get out of it.

Episode 11: For a Fantastic Love Story 
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Cinderella steps in to help Nicolas and Variel who want to marry despite Variel’s parents’ objection.

Episode 12: Pleased to Meet You, Prince 
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Charles has grown suspicious of Zaral, trying to learn more from Isabel; the king and queen organize a ball.

Episode 13: The Way of Love… Isabel Runs Away 
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Isabel grows frustrated with Prince Charles’ uninterst in her. In attempt to gain his attention, she runs away from home. Isabel soon finds herself in more trouble than she can handle, taking Cinderella with her. 

Episode 14: Prince Charles’s Secret 
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Duke Zaral invites Cinderella and her step-family to stay in the Emerald Castle, hoping to keep track of the prince’s whereabouts.

Episode 15: Two Charles 
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Cinderella and Charles see the Prince in his carriage. Charles is adamant that the boy in the carriage isn’t the prince, but is really Yan’s missing friend, who is fooled into a scheme by Zarel. 

Episode 16: The Prince and House Work
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When Cinderella suddenly falls ill from overwork, Charles brings a doctor and assures him that he’ll see to it that she gets some rest.

Episode 17: Kindness of a Small Heart 
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Cinderella tries to defend Catherine and Jeanne by taking the blame for the disappearance of her stepmothers ring, although she knows Jeanne took it from her mother’s jewel case. Cinderella must retrieve the ring or she’ll be kicked out of the house.

Episode 18: Disturbing Painter 
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Zarel takes Prince Charles to the painter Zore to have his portrait done. At the same time, Cinderella goes in search of her mother’s favorite painter, Zore. As he paints, Cinderella grows weaker. With the help of Patch, Cinderella escapes. But Charles is still in danger. Before Cinderella dies, fairy godmother has a magical duel with the painter. 

Episode 19: Let’s Get Rid of Those Bandits
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Cinderella’s stepmother is punished for her big mouth and bad gossiping habits. 

Episode 20: Traveling Towards Happiness 
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Cinderella’s stepmother arranges Cinderella’s marriage to a man she doesn’t want to marry.

Episode 21: Memories of My Mother NEW
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Cinderella dwells on the few memories she has of her mother.

Episode 22: Cinderella is in Danger
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Charles and Cinderella explore an old house and discover a collection of weapons stolen from the royal family.

Episode 23: Eliminate the Prince
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Prince Charles and Alex discover that a gang of bandits are plotting against the king.

Episode 24: Invitation to the Ball
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The King and Queen are impressed with Prince Charles’ behavior to stop Duke Zarel. At the ball, Cinderella dances with Prince Charles, who doesn’t recognize her. Cinderella leaves the ball at the stroke of midnight in a rush, leaving her glass slipper behind her. 

Episode 25: Shoe of Happiness
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Charles can’t stop looking at Cinderella’s Glass Slipper. The King and Queen begin looking for the mysterious girl from the ball. Cinderella refuses to try on the shoe until Patch brings the other shoe to them and Miss Paulette uses her magic.

Episode 26: Happy Marriage
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Cinderella is escorted to the castle to meet prince Charles, who learns that she is the girl he danced with at the ball; the evil Zaral strikes again.


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